Spiritually Integrated Treatment for Depression.

Balance the energy flow. Overcome depression & Stress. Improve your mental health. Our techniques will release much heavy energy baggage that hinders your life. You will resonate with more fulfilling and productive energy.

Affordable. Non-drug treatment.

Improve Your Mental health. Overcome Depression and anxiety

Loss of meaning or purpose in life, a sense of connectedness, hope or hopelessness, feelings of loneliness, fear of being a burden to others, a sense of isolation, and an intense fear of dying. That’s are some depression symptoms.

Humanotherapy can help to remove the stress accumulated in the body. Release Blocked Energy and Restore Your chakras balance.


Our techniques have to do with heart, feeling, and experience.

They will unlock and heal many energy blocks surrounding your personal vibrational frequency. We eliminate blocks from childhood, heavy energy baggage that hinders your life, energy not needed to fulfill your life purpose, the energy caused by trauma and struggles.

When we eliminate these energies your vibrational frequency changes and you start to resonate with more fulfilling and productive energy, catapulting you to a lighter and happier life, redefining you and your future

We do not prescribe medication. All medications – not just antidepressants – can cause side effects.If you already take medication, I do not propose you stop them. I propose another approach to healing depression, without drugs and side effects.

Humanotherapy is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment. It helps improve your mental health, release blocked energy, and restore your chakras balance. Also, Humanotherapy helps with stress-related disorders and emotional traumas.

There is hope for healing. Our treatment resources are an excellent supplement to professional mental health care. Increasing happiness, Humanotherapy can be a pathway of healing and living joyfully, you can learn to improve self-esteem, build confidence, manage stress, alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms. You have the power to create the life you want. We can help you.

The Cause of illness

The state of disharmony that we experience in response to traumatic life experiences causes a diminishment of our personal power.

With Humanotherapy, we can remove the stress accumulated in the body and get your energy flowing again. Release energy blocks caused by traumatic events and balance your chakras. It is possible to change your energetic vibration and work with your thoughts and feelings.

All sessions are done online, via facetime, Whatsapp , or Skype. Other applications or meeting platforms can be considered if necessary, or for the client’s convenience.