Radiesthesia comes from the Latin word radius, or ray, and the Greek word aesthesis or sensitivity.

Radiesthesia consists of feeling, capturing and transmitting radiation from an object using a pendulum or a device to identify and amplify vibrations through movements. Radionics is widely used in the treatment of diseases to rebalance the energetic system and is summarized in the ability to emit and manipulate radiation through electrical, electronic and mechanical instruments.

Radiesthesia and Radionics work with the measurement of all energies imperceptible to our eyes and, through energetic readings, it will be possible to improve the vibrational field of something or someone.


How does our body work energetically?

Everything is made up of atoms and vibrates at a Hertz frequency (Hz), emitting a specific radiation. Let's remember radio waves: through the antenna and the control button, we find a frequency that indicates the radio that will be heard. Likewise, other frequencies can be tuned and different programs can be heard separately.

Our body works in the same way: frequencies are linked to healing and the recognition of love and universal harmony. Depending on how we feel, how we act, what we think, what we say, watch or listen to, our vibrational frequency fluctuates, leaving us energetically balanced or unbalanced.

RADIONIC Graphs/Charts 

Charts are tools widely used by radiestesists in their practices. Each chart has a specific function and its greatest advantage is the fact that it extends the performance area of your radionic instrument. There are different types of graphs, arranged in different geometric shapes, each with different functions.

Through them, energies are sent to adjust energetic imbalances that arise. It is also possible to neutralize negative energies and accelerate legal processes, healing processes, purify environments, open paths to business, employment, among others.

But we must take into account that Radiesthesia and Radionics do not perform “miracles”, nor can they cure or solve problems like magic. We must open our magnetic field by meditating, taking care of our body, taking care of what we see, hear, say and think. Radiesthesia is an instrument that can lead us to what we are looking for, but it is also up to us to do internal work to facilitate the work of the energies in our vibrational field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the sessions take place?

All sessions are done online, via facetime, Whatsapp or Skype. Other applications or meeting platforms can be considered if necessary, or for the client’s convenience.

What are the forms of payment for the services?

Payment can be made through Paypal, Zelle or direct bank transfer.

How does Radiesthesia works?

We start with a full consultation on the radionic table to discuss what goals you are trying to achieve. We also determine what types of Radionic graphs/charts, the quantity and time frame for these graphs to be place, so you may obtain the goals you are looking for in your life.
Whether the goal is to bring harmony and better communication in a relationship, to bring more financial abundance and prosperity, to assist in selling or buying real estate or a car, to obtain a work promotion, or to eliminate physical pain and suffering, there are between 54 and 73 radionic graphs/charts available.


Full consultation

$ 120.00

Radionic Graphs Each

$ $25.00