Humanotherapy is an energetic and spiritual treatment that uses techniques that allow for investigation, diagnostics, internal and external cleansing, regression, unblocking and cellular re-programming to treat energetic and spiritual processes and disturbances.

With evidence and studies supported by Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Universal Laws and Spirituality, Humanotherapy treats the so called “spirit aches”, like:

    panic attacks, anxiety, self-sabotage and obsessive behavior

Also, it helps people who are in a journey of self- discovery, conscious expansion, and searching for their life purpose and their self-connection. Assuming a responsibility to treat yourself better and care for your emotions brings cure.

What is Humanotherapy?

Spiritual but Not Religious!

Our methods are supported by Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Universal Laws, and Spirituality. We don't have doctrines, dogmas, or ritual practices. Our techniques have to do with heart, feeling, and experience.

Holistic Energy Therapy can help you overcome mental illness. Also, it helps people who are on a journey of self-discovery, conscious expansion, and searching for their life purpose and their self-connection.

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Humanotherapy Techniques

  • Initial consultation using the Quantionic table for diagnosis
  • Humanometric - Spiritual and Emotional energetic unblocking
  • Taquions-Tock - Deconstruction of energetic blocks created in the mental and emotional bodies
  • TDR-Emotional unblocking therapy and energy reprogramming
  • Regression with psyche-reprogramming
  • Therapeutic cards- for guidance

Our Treatment

Our treatment starts with a consultation with the use of the Quantionic table, which will identify your processes and which techniques are better for your specific case. It is possible to change your energetic vibration and work with your thoughts and feelings, such as: Neediness, jealousy, sadness, low self-esteem, inferiority complex, indecision, nightmares, various fears, impulsivity, depression, insomnia, anger, hate, aggression, loneliness and others. These changes will help your spiritual, financial and love life.

Learning corner

Plan is the magical word...

For a long time you have been thinking about changing your life, acting differently, eliminating your weaknesses, so now let’s start the work at this very moment! Plan is the magical word.

Write down every step to achieve the ultimate goal, add dates. Buy a planner, organize your days, and check at the end of each day all that you accomplished or not.

All that you could not accomplish during that day, think about and try to get it done before the days end. Procrastination comes from pretending you have “dementia” about something that needs to be done but you do not feel like doing it. Change your thoughts to:“ I will finish this not so pleasant task, so I can move on to a more pleasant one, one that will bring me satisfaction and pleasure.”

No task is less important than the other, they all make you as a divine and essencial being in the UNIVERSE. Prioritize YOU and prioritize your LIFE!

The Secret...

Stop complaining about all that did not work, because if it did not work, is because it was not supposed to work! There is always a reason for it, for EVERYTHING in this life.

Simply accept your situation, your way of being, the things around you, your work, your life. If you tried to change and it did not work, did you ever think about just ACCEPTING it as is? EVERYONE has a purpose, karma or mission in this life.

What is supposed to be ours will be in this life or in another. The secret is: PATIENCE!

God knows how to guide our lives, we just have to listen to our heart and keep going, waiting for the right time for everything.

Pay more attention...

Pay more attention to the flow of your day, when we pay more attention the signs multiply.

Synchronicity, random thoughts, your day to day, the traffic, the line at the grocery store, strangers giving you praises, signs of the subconscious.

The Universe is trying to tell you something, maybe something that needs changing, perhaps a behaviour or a negative thought, something that needs to be refocused, or even just a deep breath to release tension. You are the only one who can interpret these signs. PRAY and WATCH


Focus on your best! Get to know you and add every part of you to your best. Value yourself! Stop using your vital energy with things that tire you out.

Take advantage that you are reading this and take 5 deep breaths, while thinking of all that you are grateful for, for all of the blessings in your life. Your life is a blessing!

All that is not healed, will continue to repeat in your life.

While we do not heal the hurt that lives inside of us, it will continue to project itself outward.

It is not that life will not give us the tools to heal, it is that these tools will not work by themselves. We must move all of the pieces to change. New people will arrive, opportunities appear, we are given life lessons every day, but when we insist on having the same thoughts, the same attitude, the same beliefs, and we continue to stay locked in the same pattern of our past experiences, we will continue to reap the same results.

It could be with work relationships, family, or our attitude toward ourselves. When we want something to change, we need to start eliminating our negative actions, which we always tend to feed. It is possible to create a new way to see things, inserting a healthier habit, reassigning what we live. Nobody heals all of it at once, it is true, but every step towards progress is a step for the transformation we seek.

While we refuse to see what needs to be healed, these events will repeat in our lives until we gather the courage to see them. We are the ones who can break this pattern. Change is always the first part in healing” (Alexandro Gruber).

In the LOVE frequency there is acceptance...

gratitude, compassion and embracing others the way they are, of all that exists the way they were made to exist… for a reason.

Give in to the frequency, release and let go of control, live life, as “imperfect” as life may seem, we are here to live, to accept, be grateful, and most importantly, LOVE ALWAYS, you and others, EVERYTHING!

It happens when we are not present...

Distress and anxiety run hand-in-hand, is a feeling of discomfort, a tightness on your chest, a feeling that something awful is about to happen. And both stem from the same situation: wanting to have control of everything. And if we are not in control, we feel insecurity, as if we are having a nervous breakdown, a bad feeling, basically a feeling of distress. It happens when we are not present, in the moment, is when we have this desire to control something that may be in the future.

That is why we must learn to let go of control and live in the here and now. Through consciousness, self-knowledge, self-acceptance and love we tackle this illusion of control and of wanting what does not exist, and we learn to live today and now, without distress or anxiety.


When we do not accept that life is how it is, frustration for not being able to change how people or things are, takes over our life. We try to make people and situations “fit” to perfect picture we created in our mind, only increase the frustration over and over. This frustration will takes us to sadness and lack of vital energy until we fall into DEPRESSION, which is simply the non manifestation of your spirit because of the denial to accept that life is how it is.

That same old saying: “it is what it is”, sometimes gets a bad connotation because it sounds dismissive, as if someone is making an excuse for something, when indeed is simply the truth, LIFE IS LIFE! When we work on taking away the energy blocks, inadequate beliefs and gaining conscience, it is possible to get out of depression and live a full meaningful life. Humanotherapy and spiritual Psychoanalysis will unblock your vital and emotional energy, creating a happy and fulfilling life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Humanotherapy help with depression?

Depression is usually caused when we are in frustration mode for too long. Frustration sets in when we do not accept life as it is when we try to change and control how life and people are presented to us. The cycle of not accepting leads to frustration and eventually sadness, which are all together pre-courses for DEPRESSION. With Humanotherapy we work on taking away the energy blocks and inadequate beliefs, along with gaining conscience and acceptance of life and its ups and downs.

Once we “clean” all of these energy blocks, the individual will start to vibrate in a different energetic frequency, resonating with the opposite energies that cause depression, which are: acceptance, happiness and love!

How can Humanotherapy help with an anxiety disorder?

Anxiety and distress run hand- in-hand, which are feelings of discomfort, a tightness on your chest, a feeling that something awful is about to happen. Both of these feelings stem from wanting to have control of everything. When we are not in control, we feel insecurity, as if we are having a nervous breakdown, a bad feeling, anxiety. With Humanotherapy we work on taking away the energy blocks causing you to vibrate energetically with the frequency of control, and once these blocks are cleaned, the energetic frequency of the body will resonate with much more pleasant energy around us: self-confidence, trust, calmness, peace, belief that everything will turn out how is meant to be.

How can you help with struggling relationships?

The first step to “fixing” a relationship is to ”fix” yourself, to look at you straight and learn who you really are. Having the notion that we attract exactly what we feel works the same for partners. If a relationship is not working we must look to ourselves, because we can only modify how WE act and feel, we cannot modify someone else, as everyone is their own individual. With the Humanotherapy treatment, our focus is YOU not someone else, is about your past, your beliefs, and ultimately your energy. Unblocking your full potential with the techniques used in our treatment will allow you to vibrate in a healthier energetic frequency and ultimately change everything around you, including your relationship.

What about familial relationship struggles?

The first step is to look to yourself, how to break these energy blocks that are vibrating negatively, bringing everything and everyone around you to vibrate the same. Humanotherapy focus on YOU is about changing your energetic vibration and frequency to eliminate blocks that cause negative behavior or situations. Unblocking your full potential with the techniques used in our treatment will allow you to vibrate in a healthier energetic frequency and ultimately change everything around you, including your familial relationship.

Can you heal past traumas with Humanotherapy techniques?

Our techniques will unlock and heal many energetic blocks surrounding your personal vibrational surroundings. We eliminate blocks from childhood and even past lives, heavy energy baggage that hinders your life, energy not needed to fulfill your life purpose, energy perhaps caused by trauma and struggles. When we eliminate this energy, your vibrational frequency changes and you start to resonate with more fulfilling and productive energy, catapulting you to a lighter and happier life.

Can you tell me how Humanotherapy works with negative beliefs about money/wealth itself?

As we know, our body releases energy through frequencies, just like a radio or a microwave. This energy can be for good or not so good, meaning that we can release energy in a sad frequency or love frequency. All types of frequencies are needed to form who we are and the universe where we live.

When we use the Humanotherapy method we will “delete/modify” the not so good frequencies that cause us pain or despair, like scarcity or hate, and reprogram good ones, like abundance or love. If we vibrate in the scarcity (lack of, short) we will never see our prosperity grow or be enough to live a comfortable life, but when we change that frequency to abundance, we become prosperous and can attain financial security. It's all about the energy you are putting out, and Humanotherapy will align the energy that you need to live your life purpose.

Why is Humanotherapy treatment better than traditional treatments with drugs?

Drugs are unable to change your bodies energetic vibration, that can only be achieved by many techniques, including the ones used in Humanotherapy. Drugs are a temporary fix, they will only serve as a band-aid for the many mental, physical or psychological issues people have.

Humanotherapy goes to the root of one’s problem, deep, working with the 7 bodies (physical, etheric or astral, emotional, mental, spiritual emotional, spiritual mental, and spirit). Along with Humanotherapy, we can complement the treatment with some sessions of Spiritual Psychoanalysis. Once Humanotherapy clears out many layers of blocked energy, you will be ready to become more conscious about your decisions and your life purpose, and Spiritual Psychoanalysis will guide you through this new discovered path and reality. You will feel free and ready to accept yourself and life as it is.

Where do the sessions take place?

All sessions are done online, via facetime, Whatsapp or Skype. Other applications or meeting platforms can be considered if necessary, or for the client’s convenience.

What is the cost of the sessions?

1st Consultation + 3 Spiritual balancing sessions (Humanometric)= $250
Treatment (10-14 +) sessions= $120 each session
Energy Balancing single sessions= $25 each session

What are the forms of payment for the services?

Payment can be made through Paypal, Zelle or direct bank transfer

know me

I am Silvia, Humanotherapist, Radiesthesist, and Spiritual Psychoanalyst. In my journey of self- discovery through diverse training about spirituality and human behavior, and the desire to help others, I discovered energy therapy and spiritual psychoanalysis. I completed courses with Espaco Humanidade and have received credentials (#RD 01447BN) from ABRATH-BR- Brazilian Association of Holistic Therapy.

In Humanotherapy, with the use of the Quantionic table, we will discover together what your true SELF needs to heal the wounds, open your path in life and learn how to accept and love yourself. A typical Humanotherapy treatment lasts between 3 to 4 months, and with your desire to heal and my work, together we will realign your energy and will clean old energy “files”, which together will help create a better you.

With Radiesthesia and the use of the Radionic Graphs/Charts, energies are sent to adjust energetic imbalances that already exist in your life. It is also possible to neutralize negative energies and accelerate physical and emotional healing, resolve problems, bring advancement in life and career, change relationships, bring prosperity, abundance among other benefits.

During the Spiritual Psychoanalysis sessions, you will be able to share your fears, pain, sadness and life questions without judgment, and together will find a way to modify your path and how to use your pain to push you to victory, redefining you and your future. I am available to help you clean your energy field or to redefine your history, and to bring flow to all aspects of your life.

YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE SUPPOSEDTO BE! Do not allow anyone to take that away from you.

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About Confidentiality

Committed in keeping your right to privacy.

Confidentiality of the patient’s communications is a basic patient’s right and an essential condition for effective psychoanalytic treatment and research. The information of each patient is protected under the ethics laws that govern our profession as Mental holistic life coach in the state of Florida referring to the obligation to maintain it under strict confidentiality. No information about the patients or their families will be given to any other person, except if the patient agrees through written permission and it is signed by him or her in a "Disclose of Information" form. In the case of patients who are minors, there are also ethical obligations to parent(s) or guardian(s) which change as the patient becomes older and more mature.


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